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The most beautiful thing about wedding photography is that we can document the most important and special moments of someone's life. Doing it in a delicate and sensual way, capturing naturalness, the beauty of love, tears of emotion and joy.


Hello, this is Sandra and Łukasz.

We have been part of #teammarried for 9 years :)

We work with brilliant, talented people:

Madzia, Kasia, Karola, Paulina.

We have been carrying a small, analog camera with us for over 3 years. We are not fans of taking photos with an iPhone, carrying a SLR camera (due to its weight) is not comfortable, but when we carry a mini camera we keep our diary and feel free to do so. We are not those photographers who carry a camera with us everywhere, we try to stop sometimes and think about experiencing moments without a camera. With or without a camera, we subconsciously observe our surroundings, looking for interesting places to take photos.

In addition to food, travel and cars, our little pleasures include cuddling various furry animals (big and small), especially dogs and cats. Łukasz talks to alpacas, Sandra conducts dialogues with horses.

Łukasz's veins alternate between coffee, craft beer and PB98. I have chocolate and jasmine tea.

Where does the name Simple weddings come from? Our artistic brains are defined by minimalism, white, beauty and simple solutions. We are open to people, crazy ideas, we don't like to complicate matters or pretend to be someone else, we are so... simple :)

We won't be original by writing that we are fans of good food. It's just the way it is. A wedding in the capital means a tour of Warsaw pubs. Our places to visit usually involve discovering local restaurants. Often, our way of spending free time is a trip to Thai food or an evening with a TV series and Spanish tapas. Netflix has been a common topic of conversation lately, maybe we have the same TV series preferences, who knows... On the topic of Spain and tapas - we fell in love with the Canary Islands, and our little dream is to stay there for a longer time. We love the local air, mountains, ocean, sunsets (we never miss any), stargazing, long car rides on winding roads. And we also love cars, Łukasz probably a little more than me (Sandra), because he has been immortalizing them in photos for some time now. Automotive photographer, as they say abroad. Check it out , he does it quite epically.

And if you were curious about what we listen to in cars or on the computer... the answer is that it is very different. From Mayer, to Moderat, Timecop1983, Nuagges, Mikromusic, Bon Iver, Bonobo etc.

We started taking photos 15 years ago - I took photos of friends and models, Łukasz spent a lot of time in the darkroom and studio. He is our technical brain and is very good at hardware issues, while I am more guided by intuition. Łukasz graduated from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw, and I obtained a master's degree in Visual Communication at SWPS University.

In 2012, while doing one of the fashion sessions, our friends asked us to commemorate their wedding. This was the beginning of Simple weddings. We have been involved in commercial photography for several years, but it is wedding photos that give us the most pleasure. Over time, we began to lack time for commercial projects - we are glad that this happened, because the feeling of being a wedding photographer is indescribable. Wedding photography is honest, it tells the story of love between two people, their family bonds, and describes their emotions and experiences. The gratitude and joy that we can give thanks to photographs is an incredible motivation. Our couples give us energy to act, stimulate creativity, and put a smile on our faces. We have already met so many amazing people, we have beautiful memories, and there is still so much ahead of us...

Currently, we work with several people, with trusted friends who do a great job. We share a passion for creating images and a love for weddings.

We put a lot of heart, creativity and commitment into our work. Spontaneity and reflexes make us quickly find our way in any conditions. Our organization creates peace in the atmosphere, which helps to control stress. We won't miss anything because we always work together, this way we support each other and you get a variety of shots. We act here and now. We keep our eyes wide open, we catch every moment, gesture, look and your emotions. We photograph great moments with passion, but we also notice those small, secondary moments.

Thanks to our experience, practice and fast lenses, we can cope with the most difficult lighting conditions. We focus on naturalness, we pay attention to colors, details and good quality. We have over 150 wedding reports behind us, you can count on our experience, helpful advice and discretion during work. There are rumors that sometimes the couple didn't see us during the ceremony - I guess we manage to fit in with the surroundings. We do not expect artificial posing or constant looking into the camera - we are observers capturing memories.

08/08/2014 we said yes!

Our work is more than just photography and processing. We want to get to know you, find out what you like, what you do, what your dreams are. We organized our wedding entirely ourselves, we made our dreams come true and we want to help make yours come true.

That's why we offer our experience and all assistance in organizing and planning. We have also created our pre-wedding guide, which will certainly help you find your way in this unusual wedding situation. This is probably the biggest event of this type in your life. We also share a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration and ideas.

We love weddings because each one is different. This is your day and your story – one of a kind. If you want to meet us and talk about your wedding, we invite you for coffee or wine. It would be great to be a part of this event and capture these memories forever. We love traveling, so we will be happy to go with you wherever you plan.

Simple team

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