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Cooperation with Simple Photography is a completely different dimension of cooperation! They listen, devote themselves, create a safe space so that even a person unfamiliar with the lens can relax and enjoy the session!

I also cannot fail to mention the atmosphere of the photos, which is so characteristic and magical that it is impossible to remain indifferent.

That's why I dreamed of them long before I met my husband. I love them sincerely with all my heart for the details, for catching the nuances and those fleeting moments between people, those looks that you don't think about at a given moment, but which you can return to in the form of photos.

My wedding took place on the Cala Romantica beach in Majorca, so you can be sure that the photographers will go with you even to the end of the world! I RECOMMEND to the moon and the back!

I'm melting... these photos evoke such emotions!!!! what's amazing is that while watching them, we felt the abundance of happiness and love that filled us on our wedding day! 🥹🥹🥹

we started watching it on Friday late evening, we finished it at 1:30 a.m., we're still watching it today and this is probably what the next few weeks will look like haha

We were positively surprised by the number of photos, I have no idea how we will choose the photos for the album... 🙈 I would love to print them all.

we get the first 'feedback' from our loved ones who look at the photos and are delighted, call our wedding 'one they have never been to' and, like us, are impressed by your talent, ingenuity and sensitivity.

Thank you once again, because thanks to you this day was even more special and the photos will allow us to keep it forever 🥹 🤍





We have no doubt that we chose the best photographers we could. I am incredibly glad that you photographed our wedding. We are delighted 🥰🥰

I could look at these photos over and over again. The style and processing are totally to our taste. The subdued green and depth are some kind of magic. In addition, I am impressed by the composition of many photos. You can immediately see that the frames are not coincidences, and this is especially noticeable when it comes to details. I love these even and sometimes intersecting lines!

In general, your work made a great impression on me, how subtle and unobtrusive you are. While looking at the photos from the preparations, I said several times: "Wow! when did they take this photo?" The fact that you work together completely met my expectations. You can see from some moments that they were photographed by two people, both close and distant, and these are moments that cannot be replicated and cannot be repeated.

The same goes for wedding photos of guests and the wedding itself. After reading your reports, I saw that they were extensive and focused on emotions, and I was not totally disappointed. There are several such portraits that are definitely the best photos of my life, and I took some of them myself. I could write for a long time, but I know that you know how good a job you are doing.

Maybe we will repeat such an event in 10-20 years and meet again!

I can't get myself together. I knew these photos would be beautiful, but they still surprised us. All these details, how you can capture moments, light, shadows, emotions, unique moments. And this reportage shows what the atmosphere was like. All these tidbits with our humor and our friends/families. And when you relive the whole day, you see things you haven't even seen before.

You really have a great talent for capturing moments and extracting from them what was most important and beautiful.

And how many b&w we got, such moving photos ❤️❤️❤️
I think I will watch it from beginning to end a million times.

Thank you very much.
And I'm going to watch it again to experience it again. I'll probably be going through this for another week.

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Great people with enormous talent and, above all, a brilliant approach. When we met them for the first time, we felt as if we had literally known each other for years, which is extremely important for people, such as my husband, who does not like 'grinning at the camera' and himself in the lens (In the end, his shots were stunningly beautiful).

Smiling, laid-back, naturally funny and truly committed to their work. Sandra and Łukasz had a lot of ideas, which resulted in not only wonderful photos that we can admire with our loved ones, but also really great memories because we had a lot of fun during the session.

I usually don't know how to behave in front of the camera to look good in photos, so Sandra's advice was worth its weight in gold for me.

One of the many memories from our wedding day is Sandra's soothing smile during the ceremony, which made me smile all the time. Sandra and Łukasz brought us solace, joy, peace and good humor that day.

I also don't know how on earth they managed to capture such brilliant, extraordinary shots, because in the photos they captured literally every, smallest detail, every event - as if instead of two photographers, at least ten were working on the photos - they were everywhere, but discreetly, even invisible .

Sandra, Łukasz - you are the greatest. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your work and for the wonderful people you are.

First and foremost, Sandra and Lukasz are true artists, evident in the passion they infuse into their craft. Their photos are nothing short of amazing. Communicating with Sandra was an absolute breeze—her prompt and friendly responses were a testament to their professionalism. Her extensive knowledge and connections within the industry were enormously helpful.

Despite the unfortunate circumstance of Lukasz falling ill right before our wedding, Sandra handled it with grace. She arranged for another talented photographer, Magda, to step in seamlessly. While we missed meeting Lukasz in person, Sandra's reassuring demeanor made us feel completely at ease. And she was right—we could trust her implicitly.

Sandra and Magda were an absolute delight! Their presence added a wonderful energy to our day, and their work was beyond exceptional. We're extremely grateful that Sandra captured our special moments so beautifully.

In sum, a flawless 10/10 experience. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to have them photograph us again in the near future! ;D

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First class photographers!

I had been watching their work for years and knew they were my first choice when it came time for my wedding day... and it was a choice I would make again for any occasion. Sandra and Łukasz are professionals, and they are incredibly open and friendly people who create an unforgettable atmosphere. We felt as if we were working with people we have known for years, they were an integral part of the preparations, ceremony and wedding fun. We and the guests were impressed by their talent, professionalism and cheerful attitude. Of course the photos are wonderful!

Thanks to you, returning to this day and these events will always be the best time travel.

From the very morning with Mateusz, we can't stop looking at these photos, of which there are unimaginably many, for which we thank you very much!

I am touched as I write this now because choosing you as our photographers was the best decision for this wedding!
Thank you!

The "Wedding II" section is definitely our favorite although we love all the photos! And not only we praise you today, but during the wedding and after the wedding many friends said how great photographers we had.

You are great professionals, but above all, wonderful people! We will always think of them warmly and with great emotion!

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We thought for a long time about choosing a photographer for this special day. We looked through almost dozens of offers, but in the photos of Simple Photography we found that "something" that charmed us.

We immediately liked the beautiful, unique shots and subtle light. On the wedding day itself, the photographers were as if "invisible" (they did not disturb us, which we know happens sometimes), and at the same time, as it later turned out, they were everywhere we needed to be, and often even in places we had never dreamed of. We still remember our surprise when one of the photographers went to the church earlier and stood almost in a ditch to capture our moving car.

After the wedding, when we showed the photos to our friends, they were impressed with the attention to every detail. We have heard many times that each photo is 100% refined, which we fully agree with. We recommend it wholeheartedly.

Ela and Michał

WONDERFUL PHOTOS! You beautifully captured the details, the mood of the day and the emotions. Some of the photos made me totally cry. I am very grateful that you were so great at catching what is important to us, which guests simply must be in the photos (photos with our beloved Grandmothers and Parents - probably one of the most valuable photos - thank you!!!).

What we repeated most often when watching your reportage were the colors and frames - everything seems so natural, nothing is forced, interesting frames allow you to relive the day, from a different perspective. The colors and 'structure' are a fairy tale, the whole thing flows beautifully when you look at each photo (I don't know how you did it, but some of the materials feel like I'm touching them when I look at your photos - it's magic!).

And the number of 'sessions' during one wedding is amazing. Only after watching the whole thing did we realize that we had much more of these different scenes, places and moments than we expected.

THANK YOU. For photos that show emotions, mood, feelings, magic. You are awesome.

And we're just having another session. :))

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Sandra and Łukasz made sure that we have the greatest souvenir of our wedding. They were everywhere and at the same time no one felt embarrassed, least of all WE, because the captured moments are so intimate that it's hard to believe that anyone witnessed them.

All I can say is that they themselves make a unique couple and team that should not be missing at any wedding.


Choosing Simple photography for a wedding session is the best decision we could have made. Despite our inexperience in posing, the photos turned out very professional and original, all thanks to Sandra, who had brilliant ideas, gave valuable advice and whose full commitment was visible. The session turned out to be great fun and we will be happy to repeat it someday.

Thank you once again for a beautiful souvenir. You are the best!

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Sandra and Łukasz are simply brilliant - starting from the preparations (which photographer gives so many tips to brides so that their photos turn out beautiful?

The wedding guide is a hit!), due to professionalism, preparation, creativity and... their very nature, the bride and groom have a lot of stress on this day, but Łukasz and Sandra relieved the atmosphere with their sense of humor and unpretentiousness :)

First of all, the photos are beautifully taken, and the trick is to take good photos when no one is posing.

I recommend it to all couples, especially demanding brides!

Warm, always smiling and professional Photographers. Each shot is unique and a great souvenir. Both during the engagement session, preparations and the wedding itself, you could feel at ease because the presence of Sandra and Łukasz was almost imperceptible. When looking at photos, we constantly ask ourselves: "when did they manage to take this photo?"

Moreover, they patiently answered all questions, provided advice and showed great creativity at every step. We thank you with all our hearts for everything, and we recommend it to future brides and grooms - you certainly won't regret it.

We, however, are already entering the calendar for our 25th and 50th wedding anniversary :D

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The photos are absolutely beautiful. Quantity, quality, idea for each of them ❤️ Thank you very much for giving all your heart and energy. We are really very pleased with the cooperation with you and we are glad that we chose you ❤️

It's hard to say even now which shots we like the most, but there are MANY of them ❤️


The best around the world! We haven't received the photos yet, after all, the wedding was 4 days ago, but I already know that we wholeheartedly recommend Sandra and Łukasz - they are more than just professional recording of wedding moments and wedding dances. This is a duo that adds splendor to this important day for the bride and groom with their sense of humor and fantastic manner.

On the one hand, it blends into the wedding, making it almost impossible to see the characters moving around with the camera, and at the same time, with its presence, it brings a lot of help, smiles and lots of good vibes to the preparations, wedding and reception.

We will recommend and book for your post-wedding session!

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The photos are of course meeeeega, we are delighted, we like literally everything. You beautifully captured the most important moments, both the more romantic and the most party ones. Our friends really appreciated the emotions visible in the photos and laughed that you were especially waiting for real faces. My mom now looks at wedding photos instead of Instagram, because there are so many of them 😂

Of course, working with you was a pleasure, I think that no one would have given Kamil flowers better than Łukasz did, and no one would have calmed me down in church with just gestures and facial expressions like Sandra.

To sum up, we love you and your work, we hope to meet again someday ❤️

From the moment we first contacted us, we knew we had found the perfect photographers for our wedding. Sandra and Łukasz are not only extremely friendly and communicative, but also have an incredible talent for capturing the most special moments in a way that seems both artistic and natural. Their ability to organize the photo session in such a way that everyone felt at ease was truly impressive. Thanks to this, the photos look authentic and full of emotions. You can feel the magic and joy of this special day in them.

Moreover, the photographers were very flexible and open to our suggestions, which only added a personal touch to our cooperation. They easily adapted to our needs and preferences, which far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to them, these beautiful moments will stay with us forever in the form of amazing photos. We couldn't imagine better photographers to provide us with such unforgettable memories.

We highly recommend it! Sandra and Łukasz are wonderful. Together with my Łukasz, we would like to thank you very much!!!

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