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2024/2025 BOOKING OPEN

We're all in, giving our heart, soul, and a creative juice into what we do. Authentic and natural vibes? That's our thing. We pay attention to colors, details and top-notch quality. Our organizational skills are on point, creating a stress-free and calm atmosphere.

Our mission? To deliver genuine, love-infused, and emotion-packed photojournalistic shots that you'll proudly share with your family and friends. We want to capture you in an artistic, funny and touching way.


Crazy non-wedding ideas, those intimate outdoor ceremonies and just being yourself no matter what? Yes yes yes! But above all, we live for the perfect shot. We'll pull off acrobatics, face whatever the elements throw at us – rain, snow and haul around equipment like it's our daily workout, just to see that smile and satisfaction on your face.


We get it – wedding photos are a treasure for life. The weight of that responsibility? We're fully aware of it and ready to rock!

We won't miss a thing, because, as we work as a duet, we always support each other. Having our eyes wide open helps us catching every moment, gesture and gaze. Besides capturing the great moments, we are also focused on details and those uno cial little knick-knacks happening out of public view. Spontaneity and reflex help us quickly adapt to all circumstances.

We love traveling, so we will show up with a camera in hand wherever you plan!


two photographers


- Your preparations

- wedding ceremony and wishes
- wedding reception and group photos with guests

- short portrait session on the wedding day
We will take you to a mini outdoor event around the area during the wedding. This is a great moment to relax, give a few kisses and tender words.



What do you get?

- online gallery

- a pre-wedding guide based on our 10 years of experience

- min. 800 selected and individually processed amazing photos




magine a photoshoot in your dream location – a chill greenhouse or a vintage castle, wherever you're vibing. Let us know what you're into, share your dreams, and we'll suggest some cool spots. Expect a mix of places to keep it fresh and avoid boredom.

This session usually goes for about 3-4 hours (hitting up a few spots)

+ help choosing lit locations and brainstorming the ideas

+ at least 130 pics in high quality, edited with our creative touch
+ online gallery



We're down to travel with you to the literal ends of the earth... as long as you buy tickets for us and take us with you!

A photoshoot abroad is a chance for some really epic pics in a amazing spots. Moody Dolomites mixed with romantic Venice, sunny Tenerife or full of amazing architecture Porto - you name it! If you're dreaming of a destination photoshoot but stressing about cash - let's brainstorm the perfect plan together.

Usually we meet at sunrise and sunset (light is everything) or we strech it out to more than 1 day. We're pretty easygoing and flexible.

+ help planning the trip, choosing perfect spots and creating session concept
+ minimum of 200 photos in full resolution edited in our signature style

+ online gallery


Whether you're rocking that engagement ring, dating for a few months, or celebrating a decade of love - any excuse is a good excuse for this photoshoot.

If you are planning the wedding - let's make your big day announcement epic with this photoshoot. Use the pics for invites or gifts. It's also a perfect time to break the ice – you'll be way more relaxed during the wedding, and we can get to know each other better.

Psst - if you're a guy planning to propose soon, bring us in to capture the moment and keep it a surprise for her!

This session usually goes for about 2-3 hours.

+ we'll help you choose spots and brainstorm the vibe

+ minimum 80 selected pics, all edited in our style
+ online gallery



Instax, an analog version of the recently popular photo booth. It's a beautiful souvenir and great fun. We take photos of guests, in pairs or groups, and then we encourage you to paste the photos into an album or onto a canvas, creating a souvenir for you in the form of a guest book with wishes.

PLN 800 (with approx. 100 guests at the wedding)

+ instax wide with the photographer

+ 100 instax cartridges*

+ photo gadgets, markers, stickers

*additional 10 photos - PLN 50

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